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I love Toronto!

October 20, 2010

To me, Toronto is a nice mix of old and new – both contemporary architecture and old and old world meets new world.  I thought I loved Vancouver but, I have to say, I’m now a Toronto convert!  Just back from IRDC (the International Retail Design Conference) which was an amazing event!  It’s our second year sponsoring and the group of  incredibly talented creative people you’re surrounded by fills you with creative energy.

The conference as I said was incredible!  Part of the advance information included a walking tour which I only partially followed considering myself a retail/ cultural anthropologist – I like to wander and just see where I land!  As a side note, I fell in love with a small Children’s Store called KOLKID on Queen Street KOLKID – it’s going to get it’s own post!

The ‘Femme Fatal’ window – how could you not stop and look at this one?  Toronto window dressers and visual merchandisers take their windows VERY seriously – as they should!  It’s a GREAT walking city!  From the entrepreneurial stores to the grande dames!

Sydney’s window!  Clearly speaks bespoke!  Loved all of the tailor’s sheers on the wall!

CLASSIC menswear.  Classic.

Even with almost dead Alstromeria Lillies in the window’s vase – this was a storybook tale in the making…..

Holt Renfrew’s ‘Icon’ windows (Tracey Peters images) – we all know how I feel about the importance of being an icon!

Holt Renfrew’s American Gothic/ Ralph Lauren Icon window – I loved this!  AND they two guys are wearing wedding rings!

One of the windows – included a ‘Naomi Campbell’ mannequin HOLDING A CELL PHONE, hair blowing in the wind – come on, how funny is that?

Holt Renfrew’s Paul Smith Icon window

Holt Renfrew’s Burberry Icon window

Holt Renfrew – isn’t she fun?!?  She’s had several incarnations apparently!  The folks at Holt Renfrew – very resourceful!!!  Reuse, repurpose, borrow and so much more – is this a new take on being green?

Holt Renfrew chopsticks on the wall!  AMAZING!

Holt Renfrew’s handbag department – stellar!  Loved this wall!

The Bay’s British Invasion window

‘The Room’ at the Bay

The Bay’s bathroom tissue sponsored breast cancer awareness window – all of the ‘clothing’ worn by the mannequinswere made from bathroom tissue.  Cashmere Bathroom Tissue was the sponsor.

NADEGE patisserie – I’m not a sweets person but I loved their point of view!  Liked the Lemon Tarte and Russian teas too.

Toronto, I can’t wait to see you again!  I made many new friends who are residents too.  What a GREAT experience!



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