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July 27, 2011

I can't get enough of this image!

Renewing my love of  Provincetown again this year, I was reminded of the importance in having a point of view – something I talk a lot about.  We all have individual DNA and I love seeing it at retail!  Last year I fell in love with MAP and praised owner Pauline for her editorial ability.  MAP is still amazing, by the way.  Being a retail anthropologist, I love bringing independently owned retailers who have an amazing eye and a true sense of self in their offerings and environmental experience to light.

MAP, Provincetown

id.  – fell in love with the COLOR of this store last year and the belt buckles from story books I bought and now even more.  What fun!  The store is bright, amazing color use and curated carefully in nooks and cubbies.  Sian is so busy she was multi-tasking like no one’s business running from customer to customer.  At one point she called on her walkie talkie for her side kick, Rey who seemed to come from nowhere – he popped in from a side door – I assumed from an office.  When I saw him leave to go back to this place – it was a door just to the outside!  So I asked, ‘what, you keep him in the yard on the ready?!’  Nope, there IS an office behind the store!  Still loved the idea of him waiting in the back yard!  Sian Robertson, a lovely British woman, has a great perspective finding one of a kind artisanal things from the aforementioned story book belt buckles to cufflinks, purses, bags, decorative home accessories and writing instruments.  Love it!

id, Provincetown

I love these belt buckles!  I own 3 now!  The designer who does these makes a donation to her local library and gets discarded children’s books.  She cuts out pieces from the covers and makes belt buckles!  if you’re lucky, you get the book too!  I have 2 with, 1 without!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Yates and Kennedy – found this store intriguing last year but embraced it this year.  Small store with a lot of great stuff.  What I really love about this store is the experience.  The counters are kind of ruff hewn, great top of counter fixtures, great use of cloches all with a slight nautical touch.  Great jewelry collections, belts, apparel and decorative home accessories.  Edited to be appropriate for the small space.


Rogues Gallery – this store is amazing as an environmental study – rustic and cool with fixtures, displays, cabinets, flooring – everything that really embraces the product – all under the Rogues Gallery name.  Shirtings, pants, shorts, Ts, belts, bags, jewelry – truly a destination and those windows!  LOVE them!                                     


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