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Johnathan Sanders

Vice President, Luxury Brand Development and Public Relations, Chippenhook

Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Johnathan Sanders

Six years ago, I landed my dream job at Chippenhook – finally somewhere to put everything together in one place!  I now live on the island of misfit toys and love it every day!

What do you do with someone who used to think it was a curse being both right and left brained who finally realized it was a blessing instead?  After years of therapy of course, you become a designer obsessed with detail and the science behind it all!  Encouraged in High School that creative endeavors wouldn’t pay the bills, I was an AP student in Biology and English and started college as an accounting major!  Wait, stop, accounting?  Yep, accounting.  It didn’t last – Interior Design would be the thing.  My background includes starting out as an Interior Designer specializing in Historical Renovation but a love of fashion led me to the world of Couture.

At the root of it all, I am a designer with boundless energy who is always looking for more things to do creatively every day!  My grandmother was always decorating, redecorating, knitting or sewing something and could so easily be distracted by a phone call from Olga’s that the latest season’s apparel had arrived, it’s no wonder I landed squarely on my feet as a designer.  Just don’t pigeon hole that creativity!  My first business, at 13 years of age, Knot’s To You Macramé.  A small business making and selling macramé plant holders, shelving units and whatever else could be knotted door to door in NY!  That entrepreneurial spirit has never stopped!

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  1. david permalink
    July 5, 2010 4:51 am

    thanks J

    just got back last nite midnite from HK/ China.
    good trip but feeling tattered and need a day off.
    i am looking fwd to touching base about a variety of things later this week.
    Thurs? Fri? waht day is good to call your cell?


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