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September 20, 2010


FIRST RUN SAMPLES of Johnathan Sanders prints!

September 15, 2010

I’m so excited I could bust!  First run samples – just random pulls in canvas and light weight cotton.  I’m THRILLED!   It’s finally real!  Woo-Hoo!!!  


September 6, 2010

The influence of fashion to Interior Design is always present but one trend influence is especially intense – whites and neutrals.  White doesn’t have to be boring or vanilla if you create the imagery with varied tones and textures.

Consider the beauty in the flow of textures in whites influenced by fashion.

Have you ever truly considered the broad range of whites – consider the Ralph Lauren collection of white paints alone as a reference – there are 60 whites and yes, they are entirely different!

This week, a colleague and friend, David Patton, ( as well as Chippenhook) and I are in Paris at the Maison et Objet show – an enormous trend, home decor and decorative objects show which projects trends out as much as three years.  What have we seen EVERYWHERE we’ve been, EVERY showroom?  Neutrals – burlap upholstery and drapery, canvas, bleached rustic woods and more.  Much more in a complete dossier we will compile upon returning to the states!

Corrugated Metal or Industrial Tufting?

August 13, 2010
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Think about it…………..

honeycomb acrylic

Upholstered Tufting

Just don’t ask her what she sells!

August 11, 2010

I can’t help it.  It is impossible for me to shop like a normal consumer.  What IS normal anyway?  No one is off limits – I tend to crawl around everything, look under and behind things and interview the staff, manager or owner of any shop, restaurant or gallery I go into!  Most of my friends and family are used to it but it can be annoying.  It is what is is.


Recently I was on holiday with a friend in Provincetown and fell into the most wonderful environment!  MAP, owned by Pauline Fisher who has been in business there for 16 years!  I’m a sucker for lasting power!  This woman gets it.  Her point of view, attention to detail, love of the product she sells and the stories behind every piece (many one of a kind) is extraordinary.  She is constantly on the look out for new, fresh and ‘not what everyone else carries’ merchandise.

Just don’t ask Pauline what she sells – she can’t answer that.  The store feels part museum, part artist’s studio, part haberdashery and so much more.  Beautifully displayed jewelry in top of counter museum cases, quirky graphics, hats, shoes, cards, apparel and so much more.  Her merchandising point of view is clean and crisp with tons of fun and a bit of irreverence!  I love irreverence!

Every detail speaks of her point of view.  Her business cards all have a different statement on the reverse: her white paper bags are hand stamped with her logo and the town’s original name, Helltown (she can give you a great history lesson) and on the flap of the bag, a statement that will melt you instantly, ‘In all my life I’ve never met anyone as beautiful as you’.  Don’t you just love that?

Ok, I warned Pauline, I’m a HUGE fan!


July 16, 2010

TINY coloured pencils AND sharpener

10 Portable Good Job Notes and 10 Portable Thank You Notes by Civilettes - ranks right up there with calling cards!

AUTHENTICITY and Creating a Heritage Brand

July 13, 2010

Everything that was old is new again and trend right.  Embracing a by gone era or perhaps a snippet of it’s earliest incarnation.   Brands who have a long standing history with a century behind them to pull from or relatively new brands have achieved ‘heritage brand’ status by embracing their history, nostalgia, tradition, authenticity or the environmental equivalent of comfort food.  Who says Visual Merchandising doesn’t have a soul?  Of course it does – when done right.  A sense of the authentic, being true to an identity and having a heritage – just helps it along a bit.

Billy Reid - the essence of Southern Gentility - with a CRAZY twist

Just feels like home.....well, someone's home

Some library!

I positively gush about Billy Reid.  I just want to move in!  Mixture of antiques, warn surfaces, chicken wire cage mannequins, craft paper wrapped packages rather then tissue, tied with brown bridal satin ribbon, obscure shaped leather wraps for cuff-links and jewelry and an embrace of the product sensibility with a nod to the house in Florence, Alabama.   Definitely a groupie!

INITIAL, Hong Kong

INITIAL is this really amazing store with just a little over a dozen locations.  New Retail meets everything authentic.  Service is impeccable and they take their identity very seriously – their catalogs are like works of art.  The website, a bit strange and difficult to figure out but their point of view, amazing.  Their embrace of their own signature Moleskine Journals, ‘The Unusual Experience’ – way cool and worth the purchase – you just have to have it.

INITIAL, Hong Kong

Menswear Steamer Trunk

Loved this Steamer used at Barney’s Co-op.  Makes you wonder where all of those porters are to haul your stuff around!

Banana Republic does heritage

Banana Republic does heritage – not so literal but this ‘grounded’ area in the store speaks heritage clearly.

What can I say?  I find it impossible to shop like a normal consumer.  I crawl all over everything.